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Compact laser scanner

Technology: Laser


Compact laser scanner

The LZR-FLATSCAN RS305 is a LAZER-based detective solution, designed to monitor and secure the hazardous area between the platform screen door and the railway vehicle door. It provides a very compact and slim solution for PSD application with limited space.


  • High accurate detection

    Full coverage to the PSD area with intensive curtain providing highest level of protection comparing with traditional technology.

  • Teach-in function

    Self-learning of the environment and background to avoid false detection, in case of irregular thing exists within the detection area which should be considered as background.

  • Self-monitoring function

    The product provides full monitoring from anti-masking to internal monitoring to ensure the protection is always there.

  • Easy installation

    The compact and slim design of 3 mounting sides ( Left / Right / Center ) makes it very suitable to install on the platform screen doors, visible spots and remote control make it easy to align on the curtain and adjust parameters.

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