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  • BEA Makes its First Step
    into the Factory and Logistics Automation Segment

    After nearly 60 years in the automatic door and transportation sensor business, BEA Sensors is officially making its first step into the factory and logistics automation and presented two new products at CeMAT 2023: the LZR®-VISIOSCAN RD, a laser scanner for navigation and obstacle avoidance in mobile robots, and the LZR® RAW-F120, an ultra-thin laser scanner for measurement data output. Read more to learn how they are outstanding.
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  • Innovative and Game-changer Solution to Improve Efficiency at Toll Plazas

    Traffic Management at Toll Plaza is a major challenge faced by every toll operator in India and to manage them efficiently is a major headache. Especially during holiday seasons and weekends, traffic reaches the peak, vehicles have to queue and wait for a longer time to pass through the toll. To improve this situation, India decided to use passive tags, however this tags again had limitation which need wait for Barrier to open and close after each validated transaction. Mr. Sandeep Pawar, from M/s. Kent Intelligent Transportation Systems Pvt brought us a brand-new solution that can effectively reduce the congestion on the plaza. Read more to learn how this technology work in the toll plaza.
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  • Safety first!
    How to Ensure the Safety of the Automatic Revolving Doors?

    A revolving door is an ideal choice of entry and exit for buildings with high aesthetic requirements, such as hotels and large high-grade shopping malls. Besides the comfort and safety of people moving in & out, a revolving door can reduce noise, dust, and energy consumption by isolating indoor and outdoor environments with its "Always Open, Always Close" feature. It can also help with controlling the flow of people effectively when the crowd is relatively large in some scenarios, like the entrance of a hotel. Aesthetic and convenience are very important, but the safety of pedestrians is even more critical. The danger zones vary for different types of doors. In this article, we would like to share: What are the danger zones for automatic revolving doors? How to Ensure the Safety of Automatic Revolving Doors in each Danger Zone? What safety sensors can help you avoid the above automatic revolving door safety risks?
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  • How Do Sensors Help Shopping Malls Stay ‘Cool’, Smart While Reducing Cost?

    Energy efficiency in commercial buildings is critical in today’s market. Entrances are one of the weak spots in commercial buildings especially when it comes to saving energy. Doors open and close many times a day, making it difficult to maintain indoor climates. Thanks to the unidirectional radar technology, automatic doors not only open smoothly and comfortably, but the duration of the door opening cycle is also relatively short. Thus, heat loss from the building is reduced, which in turn improves energy / thermal efficiency. Read more to explore how sensors optimize parallel traffic and enable the door to Close Sooner, helping shopping malls protect pedestrian safety while improving Energy/ Thermal Efficiency.
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  • Laser Technology Ensures
    a Safer Traffic on the Road

    Vehicular traffic has increased multi-folds in all cities across the globe and additional precautions to be defined by authorities to make them safer on the road. Many of us may have been stuck in traffic for hours due to an oversized vehicle stuck due to over-height in an underpass. Oversized and multi-axle vehicles pose significant risk especially during the daytime for citizen’s safety and smooth flow of traffic within the city limits. Read this article to learn the risks of having over-sized and over-height vehicles on the road; the technologies to control the movement of such vehicles; laser technology’s advantages in detecting over-sized and over-height vehicles; and how BEA laser products ensure a safer and smoother traffic in the city.
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    A New Chapter in Door
    Activation and Safety

    Automatic doors are a common feature in many public buildings, such as malls, airports, hospitals, and office buildings. These doors offer convenience and accessibility, as they allow people to easily enter and exit a building without having to manually open and close a door. After years of development and innovation, BEA bring Laser technology into automatic door industry, re-invents the sensing technology on doors; with the laser ToF technology, BEA creates value for its users, complete peace of mind solution to the entire door industry; Read more to explore why choose the laser sensors to protect the safety of automation doors and the success stories LZR® Flatscan created in Asia?
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    Automatic doors have brought various benefits to passage experience; however, a correctly designed, installed, maintained, or with the appropriate sensor is mandatory to avoid a risk of accidents. In previous articles, we have shared very detailed danger points for each type of door and how to avoid the danger points. In this article, we are going to share with you how different sensor technologies keep automatic doors safe. Read more to explore the story inside a sensor.
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  • Safety First!
    How to Enhance the Safety of
    Automatic Swing Doors?

    Automatic doors have brought various benefits to passage experience; however, a correctly designed, installed, maintained, or with the appropriate sensor is mandatory to avoid a risk of accidents. In previous articles, we shared a standard necessity for ensuring the safety of automatic doors and introduced the danger points and its safeguards regarding an automatic sliding door. In this article, we will continue to share with you the safety concerns associated with automatic swing doors, and provide you with more ideas on the solutions towards high-risk and tolerated-risk environments.
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  • Safety First!
    How to Enhance the Safety
    of Automatic Sliding Doors?

    Automatic doors not only offer added convenience, improved safety, a seamless, hands-free entry experience but also bring along various benefits such as energy saving and hygiene. However, just like cars and elevators, if not correctly designed, installed, maintained, or with the appropriate sensors, there are still chances of accidents. Read this article to understand more on 1) what are the danger points of automatic sliding doors 2) how to avoid and protect the danger points to ensure the safety of users
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  • Your Safety Our Priority
    How Do Sensors Ensure the Safety in Community Complex?

    The use of automatic doors in domestic properties caters to a different group of consumers who require more care and protection such as the elderly, children, pregnant ladies, or people with mobility issues. It provides unparalleled access by offering convenience and hygiene to the users, however we must not turn a blind eye to the safety aspect. Read more to explore how sensors in the residential community and household environment reduce accidents and keep people safe!
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  • How Can Sensors on Automatic Doors Reduce Energy Consumption?

    Because it is fast, safe and secure, easy to use, automatic industrial doors are widely used in factories, logistics warehouses, cold storages etc. Many businesses investing in industrial doors are well aware of their considerable impact on the efficiency and dependability of a firm’s logistics, we here summarize our findings on how adoption of right sensors and door settings can further improve energy saving.
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  • Why Use Laser Sensors Over Light Curtains for Tolling Applications

    Read more to understand why use laser technology over light curtains for tolling applications, and how laser sensors help a toll plaza in India to triple the number of vehicles detected during rush hours, not only reduce the traffic congestion with high efficiency, but also save energy.
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