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Dear customer,

We would like to inform you that we have decided to stop the production and commercialization of LZR®-SIGMA and all related activities. We inform you that the following references will disappear from our catalog:

  • LZR®-SIGMA | ref. 02.0820
  • LZR®-SIGMA ETH | ref. 02.0846
  • LZR®-SIGMA Wall mounting | black & white | ref. 02.0829
  • LZR®-SIGMA Ceiling mounting | black & white | ref. 02.0829

What are the key dates for last order and definitive closing of services

  • October 31st, 2022: Last date to send LZR®-SIGMA Purchase Order
  • December 31st, 2022: End of 3G support for LZR®-SIGMA
  • September 1st, 2025: Closing Sensorio.com and Mobile App access PDF version available here

Can I still order LZR®-SIGMA products or accessories?

We will accept and process orders for the LZR®-SIGMA range of products until October 31st, 2022. Inventories are limited, so sharing your forecast with us in advance may help you to secure additional volumes.

When will LZR®-SIGMA stop supporting 2G/3G?

On December 31st, 2022, all active SIM cards inside the LZR®-SIGMA will be deactivated by BEA.

However, as announced in a previous email, 2G/3G connectivity will be sunsetting across the world with different timeframes depending on the region (see details in the linked pdf). Therefore, BEA cannot be held responsible for disruption of 2G/3G services that may occur before December 2022.

When will Sensorio Services and LZR®-SIGMA Mobile App stop operating?

On September 1st, 2025, SENSORIO and LZR®-SIGMA Mobile App access will be turned off. If you need information (export of sensor metadata, etc.), please collect them prior to this date.

What will happen once LZR®-SIGMA stop supporting 2G/3G?

To keep sending data to your cloud server, an alternative direct internet access is available using the Ethernet port of the sensor. This port also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) for power supply.

The SIM card inside LZR®-SIGMA cannot be replaced by your own. More details are available here.

Note that the LZR®-SIGMA-ETH version is not impacted by this as it does not have a SIM card.

What will happen once Sensorio stops operating on September 1st, 2025?

Your sensors will still be able to send counting to your server, however REST API and Datapush services will be terminated.

An operation on the sensor interface (webserver) is required to maintain the data flow. To know more about this, refer to the “Data Transfer” section below.

Please note that only LZR®-SIGMA with the latest firmware version can support the webserver and local data push services. You will need to ask BEA to upgrade your LZR®-SIGMA to the latest firmware version before Sensorio services are stopped.

How to set up LZR®-SIGMA without SENSORIO or the App?

You can set up the sensor directly from the webserver of the sensor. The web interface can be accessed using your LZR®-SIGMA IP address. By default, this is but be aware that the IP might have been updated or that DHCP might be active. You can use Sensorio until September 2025 to retrieve the latest network information about a specific sensor (if online).

Note that video counting proof features will not be available once Sensorio is turned off.

How can I keep receiving counting data once SENSORIO is turned off?

First, please make sure your LZR®-SIGMA is updated to the latest firmware version. If you are not sure if your sensor is updated,
please contact BEA.

For LZR®-SIGMA and LZR®-SIGMA-ETH currently operating in Ethernet, you will need to deactivate the “Cloud Connectivity” toggle inside the webserver and define a HTTP(S) data endpoint from there. More information on this procedure can be found here.

For LZR®-SIGMA currently operating using the built-in 3G SIM card, you should have already switched to Ethernet network as your sensor’s SIM Card will not work after December 31st, 2022.

For LZR-SIGMA already transferring counting data through your local network, nothing needs to be done, and your data transfer will not be impacted.

For LZR®-SIGMA not installed yet, the same procedure applies.

Note: API data transfer are not possible from the webserver interface.

What will be the format of the data once SENSORIO is turned off?

Once you have deactivated the “Cloud Connectivity” toggle and defined a HTTP(S) data endpoint inside the webserver of your sensor, the format of the data flow coming directly from LZR®-SIGMA will be different from the SENSORIO push. You will need to adapt your platform to be able to read the JSON message in this format:


‘t’: 123000
‘s’: “H12345”,
‘m’: “04:71:4B:51:23:45”,
‘a’: 2
‘b’, 5


  • ‘t’ = unix time since the sensor booted. This is not the time at which the count was registered. Use the time of your server to associate the count with a time period.
  • ‘s’ is the sensor ID
  • ‘m’ is the sensor MAC Address. Our mac always start with “04:71:4B:5X:XX:XX”. Where X can be replaced by the 5 last characters of the sensor serial ID.
  • ‘a’ – for adults in A direction, ‘ac’ – for children in A direction,
  • ‘b’ – for adults in B direction, ‘bc’ – for children in B direction.

If one of those (‘a’, ‘ac’, ‘b’, ‘bc’) is not present in the data message, it is because no count has been computed for this direction.

At which frequency can LZR®-SIGMA push this data to my server once SENSORIO is turned off?

The datapush inside the sensor is a real time counter. Each passing through will instantly trigger a POST message on your local or public HTTP(S) server with the count record.

How do I know if my sensor is still operating once SENSORIO is turned off?

You can define a Heartbeat inside the sensor from the webserver to receive the sensor status even when no passing through is recorded. Documentation about this procedure can be found here.

How long does BEA offer technical support after purchase?

BEA will keep providing technical assistance throughout your usage of LZR®-SIGMA during business hours.

For sensorio.com and the Mobile App, the technical support will no longer be available after September 1st, 2025 (closing date).

What if my product is under warranty?

Every LZR®-SIGMA has a 3-year after sales warranty. BEA will provide a replacement unit in case of damage covered by its warranty policy.

What if my product is out of warranty?

BEA will not repair sensors that are out of warranty.

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