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R&D Industrial Engineer

Job Description 职位描述
This position is within BEA’s Research and Development function, based in BeiJing, China. BEA is hiring the most passionate, and innovative engineers to develop future global product to growing a safe automated world, creating peace of mind for everyone, everywhere. BEA provides a teamwork, respectful, innovation, passionate, and empower global culture, competitive compensation package and personal capability development. The qualified candidate will be part of a great global company world leader in Infrared Radiation (IR), Microwave, and Laser solutions, to further expend capabilities in the Research and development field. BEA care about and respect all employees and offer attractive benefits which include on-job-training, team building etc.
• Position Name: R&D Industrial Engineer
• Department: R&D, Asia
所属部门: 亚太区研发部
• Report to: R&D Director

Job Responsibilities 工作职责
The R&D Industrial Engineer will represent industrial functions, take responsibility on new product development industrialization from concept include manufacture process, test bench development, and pursue design for manufacture. Work with cross function team on quality issue analysis and correction, research new technology on production and test. Also take partially technical work like electronic or software development depend on capability.
• Working with project leader to drive new product development requirement analysis, evaluate technical solution, project planning, cost estimation, also risk and opportunity management.
• Work out product mass production related technical solution, define project plans, gates and tasks of new projects to meet the goals and priorities of the department.
• Working with design engineer to pursue design for manufacture.

• Develop test benches including hardware and interface, embedded software programming, analog and digital circuit design, prototyping, testing, debugging, and implementation.
• 开发测试平台,包括硬件和接口、嵌入式软件编程、模拟和数字电路设计、原型制作、测试、调试和实施。
• Working with Quality Control (QC), and Production (PROD) on trouble shooting of product quality.
• With PROD to transfer new products to manufacturing and production
• Setup new test stations or rebuild test benches for products which are transferred from other Business Uint (BU). Prepare test bench technical files and train workers.
• Be charge of test bench’s parameters adjustment, which must be based on R&D’s confirmation, to keep the related record.
• Keep learning on techniques used in the job and optimize design.
• Collaborate with BEA Business units in Europe, and U.S.

Education and Experience Requirements 教育和经验要求
• Bachelor’s degree or above, major in Optoelectronic, Communication Engineering, Electrical automation or computing relate major.
光电子,通信,电气自动化, 计算机相关学士学历。
• At least 3 years working experience in equipment maintenance or electronic design domain. Hash electronic and mechanical related knowledge, able to design schematic and Print Circuit Board (PCB)。
• Working experience on sensor or industrial electronic product development is plus.
• Knowledge of sensor technology (Infrared, Laser, Time-of-Flight, Microwave) is a plus.
• Working experience in equipment maintenance or electronic design domain.

Skill Requirements 技能要求
• Independently accomplish analog and digital schematic design / PCB layout, C coding and firmware design.
能独立完成模拟数字电路原理图设计/电路板布线, C代码编写和嵌入式程序调试。
• Skillfully using oscilloscope, electromagnetic interference test instrument, electrostatic test and general test equipment, etc.
• Component selection and circuit module validation, ability to provide feasibility study report.
元器件选型及电路功能模块验证, 能够提供可行性分析报告。
• Good English at reading, writing and speaking.
• Organized and prone to work in teamwork.
• Expertise in office software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
日常办公软件精通:Word 文档、Excel表格, PowerPoint等。
• Strong communication skill and active personality to convince people.
• Innovation awareness and fast learning ability.


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