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What’s inside:

Innovation that re-invents the sensing technology on doors.   

The importance of safety for automatic doors and why laser ToF technology.

The value the laser ToF technology creates for its users.  

The product with laser ToF technology is complete peace of mind solution to the entire door industry

LZR ® FLATSCAN – Success in ASIA.  

Learn how LZR ® FLATSCAN became a success due to the convenience, accessibility, safety, and energy efficiency it brings.

Automatic Doors and Importance of Safety

Automatic doors are a common feature in many public buildings, such as malls, airports, hospitals, and office buildings. These doors offer convenience and accessibility, as they allow people to easily enter and exit a building without having to manually open and close a door. However, it is important to ensure that automatic doors are safe to use.

One potential safety hazard with automatic doors is that they may malfunction and cause injury to someone who is using them. For example, if the doors do not open or close properly, someone could get trapped or struck by the doors. To prevent these types of accidents, it is important to regularly maintain and inspect automatic doors to ensure that they are in good working order. This may include testing the sensors, lubricating moving parts, and replacing any worn or damaged components.


Another safety issue with automatic doors is that they can be a tripping hazard for people who are not paying attention. For example, if someone is distracted by their phone or is not looking where they are going, they may trip over the threshold of an automatic door. To prevent these types of accidents, it is important to clearly mark the location of the doors and to provide warning signs or other visual cues to alert people to the presence of the doors.

Overall, the safety of automatic doors is largely dependent on proper selection of sensors, installation, maintenance, and use. By following proper safety protocols and procedures, it is possible to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries associated with these types of doors.

Laser Sensors on Doors

Laser sensors are often used on automatic doors to detect the presence of people or objects and trigger the doors to open or close. These sensors work by emitting a beam of laser light and detecting when the beam is interrupted by an object or person.

There are several advantages to using laser sensors on doors. One advantage is that they are highly accurate and can detect small or fast-moving objects. This makes them well-suited for use on doors that need to open and close quickly, such as emergency exits or high-traffic entrances.

Another advantage of laser sensors is that have great immunity towards external environments compared to active infrared technology. This means that they can detect objects or people reliably irrespective to the surface, background, shadow, and lighting conditions increasing the door availability to users and create peace of mind.

Laser sensors advantage is that they have a long detection range. This means that they can detect objects or people from a distance, which allows the doors to open or close before someone or something comes into contact with them. This can help to prevent accidents or injuries.

Laser sensors are also relatively easy to install and maintain. They do not require any physical contact with the objects or people they are detecting, which means that they do not wear out or become damaged over time. They also do not require any external power source, as they are typically powered by batteries or a small solar panel.

Overall, laser sensors are an effective and reliable technology for use on automatic doors. They provide a high level of accuracy and can help to ensure the safe operation of the doors.

BEA over the past 15 years have perfected the art of developing laser scanners we are being the first company to deploy this technology on industrial doors. We have innovated further to miniature the technology and cost to now making it feasible to bring such hi-tech technologies to the automatic door industry. Thus, we say a new chapter begins in the name of LZR ® FLATSCAN.


LZR ® FLATSCAN was launched in 2018 in Europe. It was aimed to replace the infrared based long edge sensors mounted on the door leaf of swing doors. It was in instant blockbuster in the industry due to the following reasons.

  1. Independent to the background. (carpets, shadow, sunlight, wet floors ..)
  2. Fast & intuitive installation.
  3. Protection of the hinge area.
  4. Entire door leaf including the edges are safer.
  5. Reduced uncovered zone.
  6. Compact in size.

For 1 year launch of the product in 2018, LZR ® FLATSCAN became one of the top selling products in Europe. With the success and value this product brings being acknowledged by door manufacturers, installers, architects and ensures alike, the product gained visibility in American markets and Asian markets.

Unlike Europe where they are well regulated markets which had to comply to building code and standards like EN16005, in Asia we are not bound by any standards and compliance. That said the success of LZR ® FLATSCAN is largely attributed to door manufacturers, consultants, and end-users realizing the true value it brings to their door and people flow. We have observed the LZR ® Flatscan volumes consistently growing in parts of ASIA like MIDDLE EAST, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, SINGAPORE & JAPAN. This is remarkable considering the premium positioning of the product in its rage where all stakeholders can realize the full value of the products in ASIA too. Success of the LZR ® FLATSCAN is also partially contributed to increase of sale of swing doors as compared to sliding doors as more and more customers were upgrading their manual doors to swing doors to reduce the number of touch points in their facility.

We have seen the LZR ® FLATSCAN being adopted in high traffic areas such as hospitals and commercial builds. We also observed LZR ® FLATSCAN being used at automated restrooms swing doors at public and private buildings and increased adoption in residential buildings in China.

LZR ® FLATSCAN – Hospitals

Automatic swing doors can provide several benefits in a hospital setting. Some of the main benefits include:

  1. Improved accessibility: Automatic swing doors can make it easier for patients, visitors, and hospital staff to move through the facility, especially if they are carrying equipment or supplies.
  2. Enhanced infection control: Automatic doors can reduce the need for people to touch door handles, which can help to reduce the spread of infections.
  3. Energy efficiency: Automatic doors can help to reduce energy consumption by automatically closing after a person passes through, which can help to keep the building more energy efficient.
  4. Enhanced safety: Automatic doors can help to prevent accidents by automatically opening and closing, which can reduce the risk of people tripping or falling.
  5. Improved patient satisfaction: Automatic doors can help to create a more welcoming and convenient environment for patients, which can contribute to overall patient satisfaction.

Traditional automatic door sensors use infrared, which can be prone to false triggers or failures due to the presence of certain materials, wet floor, or environmental conditions. Furthermore LZR ® FLATSCAN can improve safety on automatic doors in hospitals by detecting the presence of objects or people in the doorway and adjusting the door’s operation accordingly. For example, if a person is walking towards an automatic door, the laser scanner can detect their presence and hold the door open until they have passed through. This can help prevent accidents or injuries caused by the door closing unexpectedly or too quickly. With the innovative design of the LZR ® FLATSCAN the hinge zone, and the external edges of the door are also protected.

LZR ® FLATSCAN can also be used to prevent the door from closing if an object or person is in the way. This can be particularly useful in hospital settings, where there may be equipment or carts moving through the doorway that could potentially cause injuries if the door were to close unexpectedly.

This improves hospital management confidence and bring peace of mind to deploy them where you have frequent presence of children and elderly.  In addition, laser scanners can also help hospitals to better manage traffic flow and reduce the risk of bottlenecks or congestion in high-traffic areas.

LZR ® FLATSCAN 3D is a product that is highly sought after for retrofit application in hospitals where the inbuilt “virtual” push buttons ensures convenience and hygienic access with no need for additional wiring and installation of physical switches.

KWONG WAH Hospital Hong Kong, Children’s specialty hospital Singapore, WESTMEAD Hospital Sydney, Melbourne Children Hospital Australia, Wuhan Ya Xin Hospital China, Hu Zhou center hospital China, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, HK Adventist Hospital Tsuen Wan Hong Kong, Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Abu Dhabi & Dubai, are few examples where laser scanner are installed to improve safety and comfort of patients in ASIA.

LZR ® FLATSCAN – Residential Projects

Automatic swing doors are commonly used in residential buildings to provide easy and convenient access for residents and visitors. They can be particularly useful in buildings that have a high volume of foot traffic, or for residents who may have mobility issues or difficulty opening heavy doors.

Some benefits of using automatic swing doors in residential buildings include:

  1. Convenience: Automatic doors open and close automatically, eliminating the need for residents or visitors to manually push or pull the door open.
  2. Accessibility: Automatic doors can be designed to comply with accessibility standards, making them easier to use for residents with disabilities.
  3. Safety: Automatic doors can help to prevent accidents or injuries caused by doors closing unexpectedly or too quickly.
  4. Energy efficiency: Automatic doors can help to reduce energy consumption in residential buildings by eliminating the need for heating or cooling to be lost through open doors.

Overall, the use of automatic swing doors in residential buildings can provide several benefits for both residents and building owners.

Over the last couple of years, we have observed premium residential projects adopt automatic entrances to their lobby area to facilitate convenient and hygienic entrance solutions. We have observed the size of doors at the entrance are larger (between 2.5m to 4m) and traditional sensors fall short in providing adequate safety and reliable operations.  Another observation is also that due to increase in heating costs on account of inflation and hygienic concerns that were presented by the pandemic, trends are being set by architects and major premium high rise residential developers.

Once again, the LZR ® FLATSCAN is a sensor of choice for residential builders specifically for ensuring the safety of elderly and children around the doors. We have designers increasing the size of doors in residential projects thanks to the enhanced capabilities of the FLATSCAN solutions.

FS ZHONGHAI YUXI HOUSING ESTATE, GZ XINHEWAN BAILAND VILLA Haiqiao, SZ LONGGUANG YUXI Zhongjian, Wetland Season Park Hong Kong, KAI TAK Residential Area Hong Kong, Shenzhen LONGGUANG Jiu Zuan, VANKE, Beijing DAYUAN HAIDIANFU Estate, HEFEI RONGCHUANG NO.1, JINMAO Mansionare, Shenzhen, CUIHU TIANDI Shanghai, HAI YUE WAN WU Nanjing, YINFENG XIANXING district CUIQING road project are few references of premium residential communities where LZR ® FLATSCAN is welcoming hosts and guests.

LZR ® FLATSCAN – Commercial Projects

It is common for shopping malls to use automatic doors equipped with laser scanners for a variety of reasons. One reason is to improve the accessibility of the mall for people with disabilities or mobility impairments. Laser scanners can detect the presence of a person approaching the door and automatically open the door, allowing easy access for all patrons.

Another reason for using laser scanners on automatic doors in shopping malls is to improve energy efficiency. Automatic doors with laser scanners can be programmed to open and close only when someone is present, which can help reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool the mall.

In addition to improving accessibility and energy efficiency, laser scanners can also improve the overall safety of the mall by preventing accidental injuries caused by doors closing unexpectedly.

Overall, the increased use of laser scanners on automatic doors in shopping malls can help improve the customer experience, enhance accessibility and safety, and reduce energy consumption.

Most important of all automatic doors equipped with laser scanners provide increased comfort and peace of mind to patrons with reduced mobility and disability when they access commercial buildings. With increased awareness to inclusion and diversity towards differently abled personnel in workplaces, restaurants, shops office buildings compatible for differently abled LZR ® FLATSCAN become the default choice to equip doors when manual doors are converted to automatic doors.

We have many references in office buildings across Asia with companies like APPLE, Mitsubishi, Google, Microsoft choosing to equip LZR ® FLATSCAN on their doors. We have many shopping malls and arenas which also use LZR ® FLATSCAN as a preferred solution for entrances and exists.

LZR® FLATSCAN – Restroom Applications

Automatic doors in public toilets can provide a number of benefits, including:

  1. Hygiene: Automatic doors can help reduce the risk of the spread of germs and bacteria, as they do not require users to touch the door handle to enter or exit the toilet.
  2. Convenience: Automatic doors are convenient for users, as they do not require any effort to open or close the door. This can be especially helpful for people who have mobility issues or are carrying heavy items.
  3. Accessibility: Automatic doors can help make public toilets more accessible for people with disabilities, as they do not require the use of a door handle or latch.
  4. Safety: Automatic doors can help improve safety in public toilets, as they do not require users to push or pull on the door, which can reduce the risk of falls or accidents due to wet floors.

Overall, automatic doors in public toilets can help improve hygiene, convenience, accessibility, and safety for users.

With the combination of our Magic touchless switches, we observe LZR ® FLATSCAN being adopted in automated restrooms in high end restaurants, clubs with dim lighting, and public buildings across Asia. ICC Hong Kong (International Commercial Center) was the first adopters of LZR ® Flatscan in restroom in all their floors.

The FLATSCAN with the laser ToF technology has expanded in different market segments and also in its portfolio. We now have developed products like FLATSCAN 3D to bring added convenience (opening + virtual push buttons) for swing doors, FLATSCAN PZ/LZ to protect occupants in revolving doors, FLATSCAN RS305 for protecting commuters in metro station on Platform Screen Doors, (PSD) all owning to the success of the technology and the value it brings.

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