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System Administrator & Network Engineer

This position is within BEA’s IT function, based in BeiJing, China. BEA provides a teamwork, respectful, innovation, passionate, and empower global culture, competitive compensation package and personal capability development. The qualified candidate will be part of a great global company world leader in Infrared Radiation (IR), Microwave, and Laser solutions, to further expend capabilities in the Research and development field. BEA care about and respect all employees and offer attractive benefits which include on-job-training, team building etc.
• Position Name: System Administrator & Network Engineer
• Department: IT, Asia
所属部门: 亚太区IT部
• Report to: ERP & IT Manager
汇报对象:ERP 及 IT 经理

Job Responsibilities 工作职责
Responsible for desktop support of IT Helpdesk, troubleshooting of software and hardware of users‘ computers, telephone equipment, conference equipment, printer, network equipment, monitoring camera, entrance guard and other equipment, installation, recovery and troubleshooting of Windows system, MS-Office, Outlook, Team /Zoom, anti-virus, VPN and other software.
负责IT Helpdesk的桌面支持、用户电脑的软硬件故障排除,电话设备、会议设备、打印机、网络设备、监控摄像头、门禁等设备软硬件故障处理. Window系统、MS-office、outlook、team/Zoom、防病毒、VPN等软件的安装恢复和故障排除。
IT compliance with Halma policy and Implement information security measures
遵从Halma IT政策和执行信息安全措施的贯彻落实
Sever and VMware/ VCenter maintenance, upgrade, backup, migration, system recovery and storage management.
负责服务器、虚拟机VMware 维护、升级、备份、迁移、系统恢复和存储管理。
Planning, designing, adjusting and optimizing the company’s overall network architecture.
Responsible for daily network monitoring, alarm and fault handling. Manage and configure network devices such as switching, routing, firewall, VPN and AP.
Responsible for the management of IT assets, low-value consumables and intangible assets.
Familiar with Microsoft Windows operating environment
Education and Experience Requirements 教育和经验要求
具备至少3年的服务器安装、运维、IT Helpdesk桌面支持经验,熟悉多种主流网络厂商设备的配置及管理; 具备虚拟化、VMware等相关知识和实操经验。
At least 3 years of experience in server installation, operation and maintenance, IT Helpdesk desktop support, familiar with equipment configuration and management of various mainstream network manufacturers; Knowledge and practical experience in virtualization, VMware, etc.
Have certain ability and experience in troubleshooting, analyze and deal with faults through log, packet capture software and other tools, in diagnosing, solving, and debugging server systems, coupled with robust software solutions.
深入理解TCP/IP协议原理,熟悉网络路由及交换技术、SSL/IPSec VPN配置.
In-depth understanding of TCP/IP protocol principle, familiar with network routing and switching technology, SSL/IPsec VPN configuration.
Have the basic knowledge of network operation and maintenance, have certain scripting ability, and can use and optimize network performance monitoring platform.
Proficient in Citrix installation, debugging and troubleshooting.
熟练操作Windows Server、Azure AD、O365 Admin.
Proficient in Windows Server, Azure AD, O365 Admin.
熟练操作SQL server;数据库的调优、数据库的备份等。
Familiar with SQL Server; Database tuning, database backup, etc.
精通微软办公软件的运用(文档、表格、幻灯片以及Outlook邮箱、OneDrive, SharePoint, One note )
Proficient in Microsoft Office (word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, One note)
Familiar with the installation and maintenance of telephone system, video monitoring and attendance system
Good sense of responsibility, good at communication and expression, excellent team spirit, and able to work under pressure.
Good command of English in writing and verbally communication
Bachelor’s degree in Computer science, information Technology, System administration, or a closely related field, or equivalent experience required
有Linux、 Microsoft 或 Cisco 认证加分(CCNA、CCNP、MTA、MCSE 等)或网络安全基础专家证书、其他网络相关领域的系统管理和IT证书者优先。
Linux, Microsoft or Cisco Certification plus, certificate (CCNA, CCNP, MTA, MCSE, etc.) or network security foundation Expert certificate, system management and IT certificate in network related field is preferred.
Good interpersonal and teamwork skills, good verbal and written communication skills.

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